I literally didn’t know what Tumblr was [until] I did a photo shoot with Tyler Shields, and he texted me, and he’s like, “Dude, all the girls love you.” I was like, “What are you talking about?” And he said there were all these Tumblr views or something. And I didn’t want to text back, like, “What’s Tumblr?” So I just Googled it.

she smiled up at him. filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.


sterek meme | silhouettes

A is for Allison Argent.


I always say that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest are the times when I’ve seen, like, a sunset.

make me choose between two things meme:
anonymous made me choose between: lily collins or shailene woodley


April Kepner in Every Episode → 7x02 Shock to the System




if you see me laughing while texting there’s a 99.9% chance i’m laughing at a text message i sent because i’m equal parts vain and hilarious